The project

The website has come to life as a result of intensive research on the subject of Remittances for Community Development, or RfCD in short. For over a year, our researchers have been reading on, listening to and questioning all types of practitioners and inspiring remittances practices worldwide. We came to the realization that many people are curious to learn more of the practices of others in this field, but do not have any way of reaching out to and learn from them. What better way than the World Wide Web to reach out to a group of people that has spread out all over the world? And so the idea of a platform was born.

We wish to bring to light what types of remittances project are out there. How do they come to life? Who is involved in the creation and implementation of the project? What do these initiatives wish to achieve? How have they overcome certain challenges?

Throughout the research we try to provide answers to questions based on your valuable experience. The information that we collect is shared with a larger audience that is interested in learning more of remittances and development projects. We have organized several workshops in Bangladesh to share our findings with stakeholders and exchange views and ideas on the issue. Several reports were developed over time in which we contribute our findings, which hopefully will assist others in developing their projects and programmes in the future. And now the platform has been launched that will help us to share our findings with you, and more importantly hopefully encourages you to share your experience and findings with others.

Who are we?

The team that made this all possible is formed out of a partnership between three non-profit organizations: Basug – Diaspora & Development, TNU – The Network University and Oxfam Novib NL. Our joint practical experience as a migrant organization, an independent research institute and an international development organization created a mix of experiences and knowledge that fuelled the platform. If you wish to learn more of each individual organization visit the organizations’ websites.


What we aim to do with this website, is to offer you the potential to learn from others, while we get the chance to learn from your experience. You are offered the opportunity to upload your own experience by clicking Inspire Others!. Your experience will be shared on the platform, which will help others to learn from your personal stories. Not only your peers will benefit from your lessons learned, but in turn our research team is allowed to collect a wide variety of projects. This collection of inspiring projects will help us to understand better what activities are taking place and how we can facilitate the learning experience of others.


We want to encourage all visitors to share ideas and perspectives on Remittances for Community Development with us. In order to make this website meet your expectations and needs, we make sure to adjust the content regularly based on your feedback and your interests. New projects will be added regularly, and we aim to include your personal feedback to the website as much as we can. You can add your personal comments or queries on the Contact Us page.