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  INSIDE (Insights on Immigration and Development) provides a stimulating intellectual environment to produce, present and discuss research on immigration. A joint initiative of IAE-CSIC (Institute for Economic Analysis, Spanish National Research Council) and MOVE (Markets, Organizations and Votes in Economics), it aims at mobilizing and coordinating scientific research on the causes and consequences of migrations and development, bringing together social scientists that belong to different institutions and disciplines. INSIDE
  The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) is an independent nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of social science research and scholarship. The Migration Program strengthens interdisciplinary and international research on the origins, processes, and outcomes of all forms of migration–internal and international, forced and voluntary. Launched in 1994, the program initially fostered immigration studies as an interdisciplinary field in the United States. More recently, it has expanded its scope to connect migration studies internationally with the study of religion, development, and other fields. Tools for accomplishing this work have included research fellowships, training institutes, thematic working groups, conferences, and multi-country research projects. The products of this work have appeared in special issues of journals, edited volumes, and web-based collections. The Social Science Research Council (SSRC)
  Founded in 2001, The Network Migration regards itself as a platform of scholars and practitioners within the field of migration and integration. Their work interconnects information, education, consultation, research and networking within Europe. Their main aim is to transfer knowledge from theory to practice. The core fields of action are: provide information on migration, integration and policy; to establish dialogue; to offer online education; to provide advise on pressing immigration issues; and, to arrange training seminars and conferences.

The Network Migration

  NORFACE – New Opportunities for Research Funding Co-operation Agency in Europe, is a network of 15 national research funding organisations in Europe and Canada, co-operating since beginning of 2004. It offers publications on the current research activities online and open access to all visitors without registration. NORFACE
  The International Migration Institute (IMI) was established in 2006. IMI is a member of the Oxford Martin School and also forms part of the Oxford Department of International Development. It offers publications, news and events on the website regarding migration relevant themes. The International Migration Institute (IMI)
  The Center for Global Development is an independent, nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to reducing global poverty and inequality and to making globalization work for the poor. Through a combination of research and strategic outreach, the Center actively engages policymakers and the public to influence the policies of the United States, other rich countries, and such institutions as the World Bank, the IMF, and the World Trade Organization to improve the economic and social development prospects in poor countries. Center for Global Development
  The Dialogue is the leading U.S. center for policy analysis, exchange, and communication on issues in Western Hemisphere affairs. The Dialogue brings together public and private leaders from across the Americas to address hemispheric problems and opportunities. They have an extensive portal regarding research and activities conducted on Remittances and Development. The Dialogue
Funding is an online initiative, working for the sustainability of NGOs by increasing their access to donors, resources, and skills. It uses technology to spread knowledge and increase capacity. Source Link: Copyright©FUNDSFORNGOS.ORG. Do not remove this link. Under Creative Commons License: Attribution


  The reduction of costs of remittances and their mobilization, in addition to other financing sources, is a topic of increased interest for the African Development Bank (AfDB). In this context, the Bank has engaged with several partners, in particular with France, to explore the ways and means for mobilizing these funds and to promote the positive impacts of their use not only for beneficiaries, but also for the development of recipient countries. In this regard, the Bank established a multi-donor fund with the objective of promoting and assisting local initiatives and those emerging from Diasporas that aim to reduce transfer costs and better use transferred funds.


  Vleva is a flemish initiative to inform on EU subsidies related to different range of themes such as development, cultural projects, foreign affairs and many more. The website can be viewed in English.


  MacArthur seeks to improve the governance of international migration and supports research to build a base of knowledge about the relationship between migration and economic development. Recent grants : support to an African Consultative Forum on Migration and Development, support to build capacity for African officials, support to send voluntary nurses back home for training of local nurses, and others. Check the site for more information on rules of engagement and current funding opportunities.


  The Migration and Development Fund aims to promote and support local initiatives and those from the diasporas aimed at improving knowledge of remittances, reducing the costs of transfers, optimizing the use of the resources transferred, and supporting local development in migrant home countries. The call for proposals of 2011 has been closed. Keep track of the website to see when new call for proposals will be opened.

The Migration and Development Fund

  The African Diaspora Marketplace (ADM) is a business plan competition designed to support the entrepreneurial spirit and resources of the U.S.-based African diaspora[1] community to promote economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa by facilitating diaspora direct investment (DDI) in viable small and medium enterprises[2] (SMEs).

The African Diaspora Marketplace (ADM)

Funding NGO  
  EPIM Partner Foundations support European NGOs active on migration and integration. EPIM Grantees projects cover 3 focus areas; Undocumented Migrants, Migrants’ Voices and Media.

EPIM Partner Foundations

Funding NGO / Information  
  Promotes the integration of a migration perspective into programmes and activities of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The ShareWeb is the basic working platform of the SDC's "Migration and Development Network". The site offers information on concepts, tools, lessons learned, policies and processes, training opportunities and expertise. Our ambition is to maintain a platform which makes information accessible in an efficient way.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

  RemittancesGateway offers regularly updated information on remittances worldwide. They offer news articles from different regions, provide links to documents and agencies involved in remittances and offer country specific information on remittances transfers and dealings.

RemittancesGateway offers a forum through which these quality field experiences, good-practice examples, advocacy work, events, research and other data may be shared, disseminated and built upon. Materials featured on the site have been provided by a host of quality sources and contributors, including the Caritas Internationalis, International Catholic Migration Commission, International Trade Union Confederation, Jesuit Refugee Service, Migrant Forum Asia, Public Services International and Quaker Council for European Affairs, among many others. Migration and Development
  The Global Migration Group (GMG) is an inter-agency group bringing together heads of agencies to promote the wider application of all relevant international and regional instruments and norms relating to migration, and to encourage the adoption of more coherent, comprehensive and better coordinated approaches to the issue of international migration. The Global Migration Group (GMG)
  As a learning and knowledge centre, Asian Migrant Centre (AMC) provides information, monitoring, research, publishing and knowledge-oriented services. Being grounded on communities of practice (CoP's) that specialise on specific aspects of Asian labour migration, AMC provides "people development" services that help build and strengthen the CoPs. These include training, organisaitonal development support and facilitation of joint analysis in order to strengthen the work and advocacies of CoP's/partners for the promotion of the human rights, empowerment and agendas of migrant workers and their families in Asia. The Asian Migrant Centre is an independent association located in France, that aims to promote codevelopment through different support services: as a broker between parties, offering advice in development, providing technical assistance to setting up a development project and offer capacity building training.

Initiatives de codéveloppement France-Sénégal

  Migration Policy Institute provides analysis, development, and evaluation of migration and refugee policies at the local, national, and international levels. It aims to meet the rising demand for pragmatic and thoughtful responses to the challenges and opportunities that large-scale migration, whether voluntary or forced, presents to communities and institutions in an increasingly integrated world. The information provided is mostly focused on US based immigration issues. Migration Policy Institute
  IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. It has websites for all countries they are active in offering detailed information of their activities on the ground and current affairs regarding migration issues in the respective country. International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Information / academic  
  Migration Dialogue aims to provides timely, factual and nonpartisan information and analysis of international migration issues - with a specific focus on the US - through five major activities: the newsletters Migration News and Rural Migration News, Changing Face and other Research & Seminars, and the Sloan West Coast Program on Science and Engineering Workers. Migration Dialogue
Information / database  
  Migratory is an online inventory of institutions and other information sources on migration in Europe, Central Asia, and North America. The information on each institution or source includes location, website, contact details, short summary of the activities, and category of the institution. Migratory
Information / network  
  The European Network on Migration and Development comprises of eleven NGOs from 9 European countries that have taken the initiative to consult on the migration-development relationship. The network brings together European stakeholders (NGOs, associations of migrants, local authorities, research institutes ...) working on the relationship between migration and development. The site offers best practices of its members, a forum for sharing experiences where partners evaluate each other’s work and pool resources such as tools and methods, and a laboratory for practical experiences to encourage innovation in the migration/development nexus. European Network on Migrations and Development
Information / think tank  
  The International Network on Migration and Development (INMD) was formally constituted as a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in October 2003. The main aim of the INMD has been to consolidate a global network of scholars, students, migrant associations, civil-society organizations, and institutions concerned with the theoretical and practical understanding of the complex relationship between migration and development. The INMD has contributed to the debate and exchange of experiences among scholars, activists, and officials, interested in/or responsible for the migration and development topic; this is done through the organization of conferences, colloquia, seminars and workshops. The International Network on Migration and Development (INMD)
  IMISCOE offers research, training, and information on migration issues. IMISCOE Research Network is based on a Consortium Agreement among IMISCOE partner institutes. In Dec 2011, 26 institutes were members of the network offering their expertise. It also offers a very interesting search engine to find experts in the field of migration and development. IMISCOE Research Network
Network / information  
  The migration4development site offers the opportunity to meet others working in Migration and Development, to exchange ideas and form partnerships. Members of the forum include civil society organizations, diaspora groups, migrant organizations, local authorities and UN agencies. Besides networking opportunities, the site offers information on the Joint Migration and Development Initiatives by the EC/UNDP, offering a wide range of projects executed during the implementation phase of the JMDI. Migration 4 Development
Price comparison  
  Global. This website provides data on the cost of sending and receiving relatively small amounts of money from one country to another. The site covers 213 "country corridors" worldwide, from 31 remittance sending countries to 91 receiving countries. Remittance Prices Worldwide
  Germany Geldtrans Fair
  Italy Mandasoldiacasa
  The Netherlands Geld naar huis
  UK Fx compared
  Pacific Send money pacific
  WOCCU, along with its providers, strives to assist credit unions in reaching emerging markets (i.e., immigrant population) by providing credit unions with safe and affordable money transfer products and technologies. WOCCU’s credit union knowledge results in customized solutions, better service to emerging markets, an expansive network with convenient points of service, tailored products to attract new members and the ability to go above and beyond by offering other financial products and services to attract new members into the financial mainstream. WOCCU
Return Expert NGO  
  The Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM) is the human resources placement organisation for German Development Cooperation. CIM offers two programmes: the Integrated Experts Programme is geared to managers and technical experts from Germany and EU member states; the Returning Experts Programme supports junior as well as professionally experienced experts from developing, emergent, and transition countries who have completed their studies or training in Germany or have worked there, but who would like to return to their country. The Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM)
  People Move. A blog about remittances, migration and Development. Hosted by the World Bank. People Move
  Blog by Hein de Haas, director of the IMI in Oxford UK. Offers thoughtful insights into migration, development and North Africa. Blog by Hein de Haas
Financial Literacy  
  Welcome to the Hands on Banking® program! Want to take charge of your own finances and reach your goals? Just pick your age group and get started! Whether you want to build your credit, your investments, or your own small business; invest in the market, a home, or higher education; shop for a loan, buy a car, or open your first bank accounts, the Hands on Banking program offers all the basic money tools, skills, and information you need. Hands on Banking