Rwanda Diaspora Mutual Fund


The Mutual Fund acts as a pool of capital from Rwandans in the Diaspora for collective investments in Rwanda. The mission of the Fund is to promote the financial well-being of the Rwandan Diaspora, while participating in the socio-economic growth of the country. The project is initiated by the national government and is in the process of development (Dec 2011).


Mobilizing savings for investment in Rwanda from Rwandan Diaspora, nationals and friends. The long term goal is to contribute to the economic development of Rwanda. The project is still in the process of development, no concrete results have been achieved


The Fund invests in high quality, short-term debt securities (such as treasury bills, government guaranteed notes, etc.)

OrganisationGovernment of Rwanda
Organisation typeGovernment department in a origin country
  • Capital investment (Business/SME)
  • Rwanda
  • East Africa

Bank of Kigali (and affiliated international branches)
support of the National Bank of Rwanda (NRB)

Financial contributors



Keeping people informed
While still in the process of development, the Fund is confronted with trust issues. Migrant investors whom they wish to mobilize in supporting the fund, have reacted with some scepticism towards the Fund as it is publicly owned. The stakeholders are not familiar with such nationally organized funds, and therefore tend to hold back. Therefore, the Fund has set out to invest their time in marketing the Fund and keeping their audience informed on developments through presentations, informational brochures and a frequently updated website.