Fishery Project


In Hobiganj, Bangladesh, a migrant’s family has set up a business focused on producing fish for farmers in the surrounding areas for eventual off-set at the market. The hatching production process is organized by the migrant’s family, which was made possible through remittances. The project started as a family business, and now employs 20-40 people from the community year round.


Local farmers now buy small fish from the fishery project for their ponds where are grown to full size for off-set at the market. Because of the low-production costs of the fishery, farmers prefer this low-tech fishery projects which offers them more mark


• Purchasing necessary hatching facilities (water basins, small fish, circulation, etc)
• hatching business
• connect to local market network (promotion of business)
• employment of 20+ people

Organisation typePrivate actor
  • Capital investment (Business/SME)
  • Bangladesh
  • South Asia
Financial contributors



Obtaining the necessary skills
At first, the family members responsible for starting the fishery project did not have any skills in fishery. However, they did realize the potential of the project and were persistent in their endeavour to make the project a success. They searched for options to increase their skills in the fishery sector and found the possibility to receive training at government centres in nearby regions for fishery businesses. The family was therefore able to attain the skills necessary to establish their project.